Ashton | Grafton High School | Class of 2020

Hello all! Today I want you to meet this gorgeous Class of 2020 graduate, Ashton. She’s SO sweet, kind, reserved and stunningly beautiful.

Ashton will graduate from Grafton High School in just a few short days. It may not look how she envisioned it, but what really matters is, all of her hard work has paid off!

Ashton is one of those subjects that is a photographers dream. She was so easy to work with. She fell right into the shoot as if she models on a regular basis, and I happen to know she doesn’t. We decided on Surrender Field and Yorktown Beach as her backdrop, to give her a true “Yorktown” setting in her photos. 

I loved the outfits that Ashton brought to her shoot. For example, a sweet summer dress that gave such a beautiful pop of color to the scenery, yet blended so well. We also opted for her cap and gown photos and her prom dress (that she never got to wear) to capture the complete package of her Senior year. 

After high school, Ashton plans to attend Thomas Nelson to complete her basic college courses and then eventually move on to study to become a paralegal. 

Best of luck Ashton. I know you’ll do wonderful things!

xx Gina

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