Alyssa | Grafton High School | Class of 2020

Allow me to introduce you to Alyssa. Her mother and I have been friends and coworkers for a few years now, so naturally I was more than delighted when they asked me to take some last minute photos before this military family moved to Texas. The Class of 2020 is unfortunately, losing out on many of the “normal” experiences of their Senior year. No Spring sports, no Prom, no after-Prom, no Senior breakfast, I could go on…BUT, they will still have their graduation ceremony. It may not look anything like they pictured it to be, but nonetheless, they WILL walk!

Alyssa is a very shy and reserved girl, but I love that sort of “challenge”. It means I get to act like my true goofball self to lower their anxiety and nerves about the session. I get to say goofball things and make them rally and laugh. I love it! We chose the Yorktown waterfront for her session, as it holds a special place to their family, as well as drops a pin on their map of “places they’ve lived” while being a military family. 

Best of luck in your future Alyssa! I’ll miss you!! 

xx Gina

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