Emily | Tabb High School | Class of 2021

Happy Monday! Today I want you to meet Emily. Gorgeous, loving and strong are the words that come to mind when I think about this young woman. I have known this beauty for the better part of 6 years. I have watched her play softball, move from middle school to high school and struggle with the same thing every other teen girl does…friendships and boys…heck, I feel like she’s another one of my children. I’d happily claim her! 🙂

When her and I began discussing where she wanted to have her photos taken, she immediately said the beach. Well…then we were quarantined. So, we waited, discussed other options and looks she wanted to achieve in her photos and finally decided on Fort Monroe. The possibilities of backdrops there are simply ENDLESS! No two sessions would even look like they were taken in the same place if you know where the “spots” are. 

When July rolled around, we began discussing outfits, and through texts and FaceTime, we came up with some flattering combos that really showcased her style! For example, this orange romper is to.die.for! I could tell it made her feel confident and was super comfortable.  I loved all the outfits she brought to the session!

This girl has great style! For her photos on the beach, she chose another romper-style and said “I want to get in the water!” Well, who am I to say no! We moved around on dry land first, and waited for the sun to be at just the right angle as it set, and then I let her be a mermaid! 

After High School, Emily plans to join the military and enter into the medical field. I wish her nothing but the best in life, and I can’t wait to see her spread her wings!!

Love you lots kiddo!

xo Gina

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