Senior Spotlight | Leah | Tabb High

This week’s final Senior Spotlight is on the stunning Leah Cobosky! She’s sweet, very intelligent and just an absolute joy to be around. Leah will graduate from Tabb this year and plans to attend Virginia Tech!

Extra-circular involvement: Swimming, NEHS, NHS, BETA, Key Club, & Lifeguard at the YMCA

High School accomplishment I am most proud of: Finding the group of people I always love to be with, and knowing I’m going to miss them more than anything.

Favorite quotes: “Not all those who wonder are lost” -Tolkien
“I can’t afford to hate people, I don’t have that kind of time” -Ross
“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” -Disney

What piece of advice would you offer an underclassmen? Make friends with your friend’s friend’s friend’s. Meet more people, be nice to everyone, and never say anything you can’t take back. 🥰

It’s the FINAL day of Senior Week!! Last chance to register for prizes!!



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