Samthana | Tabb High School | Class of 2021

Meet this gorgeous ginger, Samthana! Or Samantha. Or just Sam. Yes…I purposely misspelled her name. If you know, you know! 😉 

I feel like I have known this beauty since forever. I mean, I have known her for the better part of her school days…we were even trying to figure out exactly how long. You see, she used to homeschool, but her family attends the same church as mine, so camps, youth actives, etc. My daughter and her have been part of each others lives since at least the sixth grade! Man, how time flies!

We had a good plan on how her session was going to go…but you know what happens to the best laid plans. The weather messed with our heads all day! So, while we intended on multiple locations, we didn’t chance it and made the best of our meeting place and first location. 

Sam, I wish you nothing but the VERY best in life! I know you will do great things! Have an AMAZING year in Germany, and send lots of pictures!! We can’t wait to hear all about it!!

xx Gina

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