Noah | Tabb High School | Class of 2020

This kid is the BOMB! Ha! No seriously! I had an idea, I approached him about said idea, and he didn’t even hesitate to say yes! 

Meet Noah! He is one of the “quarantined” Class of 2020 graduates that was robbed of the finalities of his Senior year. Here in York County, they did their best to give them a memorable graduation ceremony, but it was not the same as what I am sure they all envisioned. So, I set out to help capture some memorable images. 

Noah likes to surf and skateboard…and this sparked the idea and a vision. I often have a hard time articulating what my brain sees, but I am almost always able to replicate it into the image that I want to capture. So, I saw a skateboard and a smoke bomb and well… I’ll let the photos tell the story…

Awesome, right? I couldn’t ask for a cooler kid to help bring my vision to life! Thank you again Noah! You’re the best! Best of luck in your future. 

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