Meet the 2022 GCP Senior Team! | Yorktown, VA Senior Photos

This was a day I had been anticipating and envisioning for A LONG TIME. Let me back up first- I had just opened applications for the 2022 Senior Team in early March, and as applications begin to come in, I just knew this team was going to be amazing! Then began the review process … days of reading, laughing at their silly answers & getting to know all of them based on their applications. I held a Zoom call & loved getting to talk with each of the girls who applied and learn more about who they are. 

So the day FINALLY came for our meet and greet, and as each girl walked up, my heart just overflowed with joy! All the parents and girls gathered around as I talked about what the year would look like, along with the exciting events that we’d get to do this year. As the parents left, the girls mingled and I could already see them bonding. Then we headed off for our FIRST shoot together! 

As I was wrapping up the last shot, I realized just how blessed I was to have them all a part of the team- I’m truly thankful for them and stoked for this next year!! 

A HUGE thank you to Faith & Emily from the 2021 Senior Team, for helping me set everything up, welcoming the new team and just overall being amazing! I couldn’t have done it without you!! <3
Please welcome Mackenzie, Taylor, Leah, Tiana & Madison! The Class of 2022 GCP Senior Model Team!!
It’s going to be a great year!!! Let’s go 2022!!!

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