2021 Senior Spotlight | Emily | Tabb High School

This morning’s Class of 2021 featured senior is Emily Barton and she will be graduating from Tabb High School in just a few short months with aspirations to become a nurse. This girl is AMAZING with children and has a huge heart!

Favorite quote: “Theres no growth without a little rain.”

Favorite high school memory: My all time favorite high school memories were all the spirt days, pep rally’s, and hoco football games. Seeing everyone come together, be tacky and fun, taking pictures with all of your friends in spirit wear, and watch some football was the most fun every year.

High School accomplishment I am most proud of: I would say I am most proud of staying true to my self though out my almost 4 years of high school. I never tried being someone I’m not.

What piece of advice would you offer an underclassmen? BE YOURSELF! Always be true to yourself and stay strong. High school isn’t always easy but try your absolute best and be yourself and you’ll be 100% fine. Good luck💗

Stay tuned for more Senior Week giveaways and Senior Spotlights!

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