Ashlyn | Poquoson High School | Senior Portraits

Welcome back! 

Meet Ashlyn! She is a senior at Poquoson High School and was an absolute dream to photograph!

When we first met, out in the woods at Surrender Field, the evening seemed like it was going to be perfect. That was until…the monster sized mosquitos began feasting on us! Huge, HUGE mosquitos guys! They were ruthless and relentless. No worries, her mom to the rescue! She pulled out some “bug away” wipes that we were certain would be our saving grace. Wellllll……they seemed to enjoy those wipes just as much as they enjoyed our blood. We swatted, smacked and batted them away until her wonderful brother showed up with the tried & true OFF! 

Seriously, what purpose to do mosquitos serve? Really? None!

Anyway, I loved the outfits that Ashlyn brought to the shoot. The perfect combos and colors for some gorgeous Fall photos. 

As I mentioned before, Ashlyn was a dream to photograph. We laughed at “Congratulations”, played with baby frogs, dodged mosquitos, and had an overall great time. 

Best of luck this year Ashlyn! I had so much fun with you! I know you’ll do wonderful things in life!

xx Gina

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